About Welsana.

Committed to your wellness journey.

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We're Here to Help People Live Healthier Lives

The Welsana Wellness Program is a holistic wellness offering brought to you by the experts at Kroger Health. Welsana combines live, personalized coaching with relevant content across health, wellness, and nutrition to help you live a healthier life.

We meet you where you are to provide a simple, personalized plan and tools to achieve meaningful results and help you maintain them by gradually building new, healthy habits through practice over time.

How to Get Started

Real Outcomes Leading to Proven and Lasting Health Results via:

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and support through the app, connected devices, SMS messaging, and video calls.

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Personal Coaching

with expert content and live Kroger Health registered dietitians and health coaches.

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machine learning, predictive analytics, and nudge capabilities powered by HealthFleet.

What We’re About

Sana means “healing” or “cure.” It is a powerful and emotive word that speaks to the breadth of holistic healthcare and wellness.

Wellness isn’t a definition or destination. It’s not a fictional place or far-fetched idea. And it most definitely isn’t a privilege granted to a select few.

It’s a fundamental right, and a foundational feeling. Combining both art and science; nature and nurture; rhythm and reason. It’s our most elemental search and our most sentimental struggle.

At Kroger, we believe wellness is a journey. A deeply personal journey, within a discreetly shared pursuit. Moving forward, together, in our own way, at our own pace.

That’s how we enable access for anyone. That’s how we empower fresh for everyone. That’s how we unlock wellness for all.

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Welsana™ is brought to you by Kroger Health, the healthcare division of The Kroger Co. and one of America’s leading retail healthcare organizations. Our team of 22,000 healthcare practitioners – from pharmacists and nurse practitioners, to dietitians and technicians – are committed to helping people live healthier lives. Kroger Health believes in a dedicated, educated and personalized approach to eating and enjoying food so we can prevent future health problems before they begin.

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Meet Some of Our Health Coaches

Headshot of Lisa McCune

Lisa McCune

Lisa McCune (MS, MPH, RDN, LD) is a well-seasoned dietitian with over a decade of experience in personalized nutrition. She is cheerful, intelligent and welcoming with all people and every interaction. Lisa is passionate about empowering patients to use food as medicine. Lisa enjoys reading, CrossFit, baking and spending time with her Boston terrier, Josie (who she and her husband adore!).

Headshot of Stephanie Skinner-Lucas

Stephanie Skinner-Lucas

Stephanie Skinner-Lucas (MS, RDN, LD) is a prevention and intervention dietitian who mentors each patient, wherever they are in their healthy lifestyle journey, to help them get across the finish line. Stephanie calls herself a "salad junkie," and in her spare time, she enjoys participating in charity events and traveling to the beach.

Headshot of Richie Santucci

Richie Santucci

Richie Santucci (RDN, LD, CDE, NCSF-CPT) has a nutrition philosophy of eating a diverse diet by incorporating various plant-based foods. As a former wrestler, boxer and mixed martial arts athlete who overtrained for many years, Richie realized the importance of nutrition. This led to his creation of a specialized diet program to support muscle recovery.